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security dealer resources to
advance your business and profits

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Intelligent Security Marketing
presents security
  system dealers' resources and opportunities to advance
  your business and
increase your profits

  Through competitive product pricing, product support
  and low cost, targeted security system leads generated
  from the internet, security dealers are able to increase
  their profit margin as well as their number of sales.

  We offer expanded services to increase your profits,
  like simple, economical travel and incentives to
  productivity of security system dealers' sales teams.

dvr; digital video recorder

  watch your office or home on your palm pilot thanks to your security camera systems

security camera systems


General Solutions


OEM Systems








General Solutions, Ltd.
, having first gained recognition with its award winning DIGIOP line of DVRs, has improved and expanded its product line-up to offer a larger and more diverse selection of products to meet the evolving needs of our customers.


OEM Systems Company
is a manufacturer of Architectural Audio Products and accessories for residential, commercial and institutional applications, including loudspeakers, electronics and Decorator Style Jack Plates which mount in standard J-boxes.



Web Design and Marketing


Cascadia Video Products


Da Vinci Creative Consultants
and Inspirational Marketing will work with you to build the website that you need to maximize your business profits and increase your targeted security system leads at an affordable price.  Our services include design, site building and maintenance, hosting, search-engine optimization and marketing, including printing of brochures and business cards.



Cascadia Video Products is the oldest manufacturer of PC Based Digital Video Recorders for the Security Industry. Their Digital Video Recorders Transmitters allow remote viewing of live and recorded images from anywhere in the world. Digital Systems out-perform Analog. 


Intelligent Security Marketing
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